Jamila Level 1, 3-day Workshop and Suhaila Intensive Day
  by Suhaila Salimpour

Stockholm, April 8- 11th

An intensive day of 6 hours of workshop divided into 3 hours of technique in the morning and 3 hours of choreography in the afternoon.  Perfect for those who want to get just a taste of what this fantastic teacher has to offer both with her unique approach to technique as well as a choreographer.  

This workshop introduces students through instruction and lecture to the basic step families and cymbals that serve as the foundation of the format.  Whether you are interested in certification or not, these workshops are an excellent introduction to Jamila’s format. 

Suhaila 1-Day Intensive Day
(Saturday, April 8th)
•Morning (10:30am-1:30pm) Suhaila Format Overview
•Afternoon (3:00pm-6:00pm): Suhaila style choreography

Jamila Level 1 Three-Day Workshop
(Sunday, April 9th - Tuesday, April 11th)
•Sunday-Monday 10:30am-6:00pm
(6 hours w/ 90 min break)
•Tuesday 10:30am-1:30pm
(3 hours)

*PLEASE NOTE: Timings may be subject to slight changes.

Jamila Level 1 workshop: 600€/5500 SEK (15h)
Suhaila Intensive Day: 150€/ 1400 SEK (6h)
Jamila level 1 + Suhaila Intensive Day: 700€/ 6500 SEK

For the Jamila Level 1 workshop a discount of 50€/500 SEK is offered to those who make their 200€/2000 SEK deposit before December 31st

Please note! Level 1 Testing is not included in the 15 hours of the Level 1 workshop. The fee for the 2 additional hours and testing is 250USD and is paid directly to Suhaila. 

•To register: Make your deposit HERE
or via bank giro 172-5241
International bank transfer to: 
Sabriye Tekbilek
Address: SEBSEB
106 40 Stockholm

•Payment: No spots will be held without a deposit. Once availability has been confirmed to you, please pay the 200€/2000 SEK deposit at your earliest convenience to secure your spot. Your registration will only be secured with a deposit. Balance should be paid in one or several transfers (please number them in the communication) to sum up to the amount due by March 1st. An extra 10% fee applies to payments received after March 1st.

Jamila Salimpour is the originator of tribal belly dance in America, and has been influential in belly dance for over 50 years. She is also the first one to solidify a format of terminology in belly dance still used today. Her format is taught and applied to dancers’ movements worldwide.The creation of the legendary dance troupe Bal-Anat evolved in 1968, when the opportunity to perform in an outdoor theme festival, The Renaissance Pleasure Faire, challenged Jamila Salimpour, to create a variety show which one might see at an Arabian Festival or Souk.
From being a member of Ringling Brothers Circus in 1942, Jamila implemented that format in creating Bal Anat. As a belly dancer, Jamila Salimpour worked with many dancers including Algerian water glass dancers, Tunisian pot dancers, Male Tray dancers, magicians, and presented many varieties of entertainment. The Sword dance, Mask dance, and Snake dance were seen for the first time in Bal Anat. The resulting show became a show featuring tribal dances from North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean.The show inspired a whole generation of American Belly Dancers, giving way to the rise in popularity of the Tribal Belly Dance genre.

Based in Berkeley (California), Suhaila Salimpour is an internationally and highly acclaimed performer, teacher, and choreographer of belly dance. With over 40 years experience and a multi-disciplinary background, the belly dance technique she teaches respects and strengthens the body, and is based on a solid rhythmic foundation. Treat yourself to a real dancer’s training! 

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